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Extended Detection & Response (XDR)

Strengthen lateral security and unify security tools to see more and stop more


Reduce Risk and Protect from Modern Threats with XDR

Achieve new results by preserving and extending the endpoint, workload, network, and identity contexts with VMware Carbon Black XDR. Proactively hunt for unusual activity with threat intelligence and customizable detections. Take detected threat behavior and turn it into a prevention policy – so you don’t have to hunt for the same threat twice.

Improve the SOC Analyst Experience

In light of the concerning levels of stress and burnout reported by front line cyber defenders a high priority needs to be placed on improving the Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst Experience. Get an overview of why XDR provides a significant uplift in the effectiveness of a SOC.

VMware Joins XDR Alliance™

VMware has joined the XDR Alliance™, a partnership of leading cybersecurity industry innovators committed to an inclusive and collaborative XDR framework and architecture.

The mission of the XDR Alliance is to make a collaborative, open approach to XDR a reality for SecOps teams and help them effectively protect their organizations from cyberattacks.

XDR Powered by VMware Contexa™

VMware Contexa reframes traditional security analytics with enriched threat intelligence at global scale.

With access to the full breadth of VMware’s network and endpoint technologies, VMware Contexa observes every process running on an endpoint, every packet crossing the network, every access point, and every application.

Key Capabilities

Carbon Black XDR optimizes threat detection and response and reduces alert fatigue by leveraging rich telemetry and deeper integration across unified security tools.

Use Cases

Investigations & Incident Response

Respond rapidly to cyber incidents with authoritative cross-domain context that minimizes time to resolution and provides operational confidence.


One of a security team’s most important functions is to prioritize or triage alerts, and quickly respond to the most crucial ones. Ecosystem XDR helps sift through the noise by using powerful analytics to correlate thousands of alerts into a small number of high-priority ones.

Ransomware Protection

Upgrade to a modern, cloud native solution that offers crucial protection from today’s most widespread and advanced ransomware attacks.

Proactive Threat Hunting

You can’t stop what you can’t see. Combine endpoint data with network detections and visibility to stop attackers before they can advance through the kill chain and damage your organization.

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